Ex Peter Sellers Porsche 911 (930) Turbo



Year 1978
Make Porsche
Model 911
Variant 930 Turbo
Transmission Manual
Exterior colour Black
Interior colour Black


We have pleasure in presenting for sale on behalf of the current owner this unique car that was bought new by film actor and comedian Peter Sellers in 1978. This is the first time this car has been on the market since 1987 and provides a unique opportunity to acquire a car that was once owned by one of the comedy film greats. This is one of the last cars that Peter Sellers owned prior to his death in 1980. Peter Sellers is most famous for his role as Inspector Clouseau in the hugely successful Pink Panther series of films. He was involved in a huge number of other films and TV series such as Dr Strangelove and the Goon Show. He had a very colourful private life with four marriages and he was also a major car enthusiast, owning a large number of cars which included an Aston Martin DB4GT and a Ferrari 500 Superfast

The car’s history is very well documented with a substantial history file showing all major works carried out over the last 30 years or so. The current mileage reads at 143,075 miles although it is important to note that the car was subjected to a full engine rebuild in 1988 at 50,199 miles and more recently in March of this year a top end rebuild was carried out by a marque specialist at 142,651 miles at a cost of £6500.

This Porsche 911 (930) Turbo was delivered on the 27th January 1978 by Maltin Car Concessionaires who were well known at the time for supplying celebrity owners. The drivers’ manual shows Peter Sellers details when he resided at 114 Roebuck House, Stag Place, London SW1. The attached picture shows what we believe is our car with Peter Sellers in a London Street, most likely in 1978. The car has been subject to some modifications over the years such as the additional wing mirror and indicator but what gives it away is the special order specifications requested by Peter Sellers which included chrome parts in black, something which is clearly showing on this photograph. Peter Sellers specced the optional equipment of sports seats, rubber buffers on bumper horns, chrome parts in black, headlamp rings coloured, climate control, sun roof.

Interestingly and although we are unlikely to ever know, George Harrison of the Beetles bought his Porsche which was registered within one week of the Sellers car and looking at the photograph which we have attached here of George Harrison’s car, it also appears to have the special order of black chrome. We know that Peter Sellers was friends with the Beetles and it could very easily be the case that they placed their order at the same time.

Looking through the history file, the car was acquired by the current owner in 1987 and in 1988 he sent it away for a full engine rebuild which included upgrading the cams to SC spec along with a new K27 turbo. The cost of the rebuild at the time was £4590 which in 1988 was a significant sum that would be considerably higher in today’s money. This means that on the current mileage the car has completed around 93,000 miles on this rebuilt engine. However, if we fast forward to 2016 the top end has again been rebuilt with all new studs whilst the pistons have been decoked with new rings and a long list of works as you would expect with a full top end rebuild culminating in an invoice for £6500. Importantly this work carries a 24,000 mile, two year warranty.

Documenting some of the major works carried out:-

September 1987 (mileage 43,209 miles) – Major service by RSR Engineering – cost £1520.00

October 1988 (mileage 50,199 miles )– Full engine rebuild by RSR Engineering – cost £4590.17

May 1989 – Full gearbox rebuild by RSR Engineering – cost £1711.00

July 1990 – Major service by RSR Engineering – cost £782.29

November 1991 (mileage 61,810 miles) – Full top end rebuild by RSR Engineering – cost £3232.73

November 1993 (mileage 71,195 miles) – new clutch by RSR Engineering – cost £1453.35

October 1995 – (mileage 90,837 miles) – major service by RSR Engineering – cost £2206.95

November 1995 – new fuel injectors by RSR Engineering – cost £756.02

December 1998 (mileage 114,306 miles) – Full service by RSR Engineering – cost £715.47

February 1999 – new clutch by RSR Engineering – cost £1409.94

March 2004 (mileage 139,095 miles) – Full service by RSR Engineering including various miscellaneous works – cost £5987.23

October 2004 – new offside front wing plus kidney bowls replaced on both sides plus other miscellaneous works by GTR Motorsport – cost £3,250.94

June 2006 – Replacement exhaust - £1123.27

January 2013 (mileage 141,651 miles) - Full service by RSR Engineering plus various works primarily related to the brakes – cost £4622.80

March 2013 (mileage 142384 miles) – Replacement of fuse box and other electrics – Cost £671.42

May 2015 (mileage 142,011 miles) – New oil cooler + miscellaneous – cost £3981.

March 2016 (mileage 142,651 miles) – Top end rebuild by RSR Engineering – cost £6500

May 2016 (mileage 143074 miles) – Miscellanous works including an MOT by Leigh’s Garage – cost £955.98.

The list goes on and we have only picked out some of the major invoices. Mechanically the car is exactly as it should be and having been well maintained and subject to several rebuilds including the recent top end rebuild the car is ready to.

We have also documented the car’s MOT history which is as follows:-

30th Jan 1982 – Mileage 22678

7th Feb 1983 – Mileage 24852

1st March 1984 – Mileage 27639

22nd Feb 1985 – Mileage 32682

23rd May 1986 – Mileage 37484

15th June 1987 – Mileage 42495

15th July 1988 – Mileage 49098

13th July 1989 – Mileage 57725

10th July 1990 – Mileage 61372

6th Nov 1991 – Mileage 61722

5th Nov 1992 – Mileage 63625

4th Nov 1993 – Mileage 70589

27th Oct 1994 – Mileage 82666

16th Nov 1995 – Mileage 91910

11th Nov 1996 – Mileage 100028

5th December 1997 – Mileage 108147

29th Oct 1998 – Mileage 114306

29th Oct 1999 – Mileage 119960

24th Oct 2000 – Mileage 130532

3rd Oct 2001 – Mileage 137798

2nd March 2004 – Mileage 139095

13th May 2005 – Mileage 139768

9th June 2006 – Mileage 140738

30th Aug 2006 – Mileage 141273

16th Mar 2009 – Mileage 141342

25th Jan 2013 – Mileage 141651

14th Jul 2015 – Mileage 142651

26th May 2016 – Mileage 143074

The interior of the car is in good overall condition although there are areas where there is scope for improvement. The front seats are in excellent order whilst the rear seats at the base of the seat backs the material has come away and will need repair. There are also areas of the dashboard that will need some attention.

The body is showing its age with the paint showing some crazing and general wear.

The car starts on the button and drives fabulously well, the gear change is sharp and the engine runs cleanly and pulls as you would expect of a Turbo. The car comes with the driver’s manual which shows Peter Sellers details as the new owner in 1978. A Porsche service booklet and a 1978 Porsche Turbo technical data booklet. The history file is extensive with a large number of invoices. We also have a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.

This is a very rare opportunity to acquire a car with superb provenance having had a celebrity owner that even after his death 35 years ago is still very popular and well known today. The 930 Turbo has been increasing in value sharply in recent years and we see further long term capital appreciation ahead. This particular 930 Turbo offers fantastic scope for long term investment, given its provenance. An opportunity not to be missed.

Please contact us to ensure availability before travelling to our showroom.

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